Work Directly with a Money Manager

Work Directly with a Money Manager

Most financial advisors will help you establish investment goals, perform asset allocation and review your portfolio on a periodic basis, but do not directly manage your assets on a day to day basis.  They generally outsource this work to mutual funds, ETFs, and separate account managers.  This creates another layer of overhead and you end up dealing with a “relationship manager”.

This requires less investing knowledge, skill, and resources and is a time saving strategy for financial advisors, but it creates a lot of additional risk and expense for you:

  • 2-The financial advisor often will have a very basic understanding of what the outsourced fund or manager is doing, knowing what actual securities you hold.
  • 4-The outsourced money managers do not know anything about you or how your other assets are invested.
  • 3-The outsourced money manager does not communicate with you and rarely communicates directly with financial advisors
  • 1-In most cases, you end up in a model portfolio that is based on your age

The results can be quite negative for you:

  • You are retired, but you own investments that are too risky for your age and circumstances
  • You may own duplicate investments, which reduces your diversification
  • There is no coordinated effort to manage downside risk in your portfolio
  • You are paying excessive layers of fees

With Pacific Investment Research, you work directly with a money manager.  We get to know your needs, preferences, prior experiences and everything else that helps us serve you better.

We also tailor your investments just for you.  You do not end up in a cookie cutter model portfolio that assumes all investors in the same age group have the same financial goals and needs.  Models are the easiest way to manage your assets because they assume everyone in the model is the same.

Our more personalized approach tailors your portfolio to your specific situation. You get what’s best for you rather than what the model produces.

We are proud that our knowledge, advice, and services help our clients sleep better at night, knowing their assets are managed by professionals who put their needs first.