Work Directly with a Money Manager

Money Management Expertise

Money management is the daily activity of selecting and monitoring the stocks, bonds, and other securities in your portfolio.

Most financial advisors will help you establish investment goals, perform asset allocation, and review your portfolio on a periodic basis – but most advisors do not directly manage your money.  They generally outsource this work to mutual funds, ETFs, and/or separate account managers (for an additional fee).   In effect, you work with a “relationship manager” or salesperson who is a middle man between you and the managers of your investments.

This requires less attention and is easier for financial advisors to implement, but it can create a lot of additional risk and expense for you.  In short, the results can be quite negative for you.

  • In many cases, you end up in a model portfolio that is based on your age and a simple risk questionnaire.
  • You are retired, but you own investments that are too risky for your age and circumstances.
  • Mutual fund portfolios tend to be overly diversified, thereby diluting returns and your advisor may not even know what individual securities you hold.
  • There is no coordinated effort to manage downside risk in your portfolio.
  • You are paying excessive layers of fees.

Custom Portfolio Design and Management

At Pacific Investment Research, we specialize in creating custom investment portfolios that best serve your needs.  Our process starts with understanding you, your unique circumstances, risk tolerance, investment preferences etc.  Keeping all your inputs in mind, we will build an investment portfolio especially suited for you.  No cookie-cutter portfolios ever.

Once the overall portfolio is constructed, we manage it in-house by employing proprietary, time-tested, managed portfolios.  Being the direct money manager gives us complete control and flexibility to change and adapt when markets dictate.  We take pride in the fact that you can have peace of mind knowing that we at Pacific Investment Research are always watching your portfolio.

We Specialize in Money Management

Rather than outsource to mutual funds or ETFs, we select and monitor the securities in your portfolio on a daily basis.

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